Miss Fast's Homeroom

Chapter 11

Geometry and Volume

Expect students to have homework each night if they do not finish their work in class.

Possessing the Land Lesson 26 


Memory Verse

Esther 4:14


Working Adverbs


Paragraph Practice

Students will do paragraph practice and responses to the literature.



Les 35


Students will start their workbook in class on Mondays.  They will be expected to complete the rest of their workbook pages on their own throughout the week.  **Workbook pages are due Friday morning-this includes their 2x's each and word sort page.

*Test on Friday

Read Aloud #3


Students are expected to read on their own and earn 8 AR points each quarter.


Unit 5-6


This is our fun unit as we study plants and animals.

*We will begin our big Ecosystem research project this week.*

What's Happening In Miss Fast's Class 

Wear Red Tuesday - Be Cavalier Kind 

May 20 - 24, 2024

**Class Awards and Class book time Thursday Morning**

**Desk Clean out and room clean up on Friday morning**

Homework Planner

Abbreviations Code

(IC = in class not homework  HW = homework due tomorrow)

Monday, May 20th

Band & Library Tomorrow

Math: Les. 11.11 IC

Science: Poster Project due Wed.

Social Studies: 

Language Arts: Art  / Bk of Enc IC

Reading: Mini Book Report Due Thursday (directions on REad google classroom)

Spelling: NO MORE

Bible: Devos IC / Adventure Park

Tuesday,May 21st

P.E. Tomorrow

Math: Les 11.11 IC

Science: Poster Project due tomorrow

Social Studies: Week 28 - The Constitution - IC - Learn the Preamble - see video on Google Classroom! 

Language Arts: BAND / Choir / Bk of Enc IC

Reading: Mini Book Report Due Thursday

Spelling: No More

Bible: Devos IC / Capture the Flag with Middle school IC

Wednesday, May 15

Band Tomorrow 

Math: Les 11.11 HW

Science: Poster Project due Monday

Social Studies:  

 Language Arts: PE / 

Reading: Read for AR / Chains Final Essay due Friday typed (read google classroom)

Spelling: Mini Book Report due TOMORROW

Bible: Devos IC /

Thursday, May 2nd

Late Start

Choir Tomorrow

Wear your CVC colors/gear tomorrow

Math: Les 11.9 pg. 691-692 HW

Science: Poster Project IC

Social Studies: Test tomorrow! you have a study guide from class.

Language Arts: Band / Easy Gram pg. 181-182 HW

Reading: Chains Final Essay Due tomorrow (turn in rough draft in morning too)

Spelling: Les 35 - wkbk & 2x's each (1 print, 1x cursive) Due TOMORROW

Bible: Devo IC / Bible workbook les 26 HW / Les 26 Quiz tomorrow

Friday, May 3rd

Math: Class Meeting/Discussion IC

Science: Biome Project due Monday May 13th

Social Studies:

Language Arts: CHOIR

Reading: Chains Final Writing Project IC 

Spelling: Les 34 Test IC

Bible: Devo IC  / Mem VS test /