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Social Studies

Chapter 5: New England colonies- test on Wed. Jan. 25.

Students have a study guide and notes packet.

Coming up! Chapter 6- The Middle Colonies.


Unit 4

How Living Things Grow and Reproduce

This unit is all about plants and animals. We will be doing a plant poster project and an animal report during this unit.

**Plant Poster Project Due Friday 1/27

Important workbook pages information. **ALWAYS spell the words on the yellow page correctly. The answers can be found on the bottom of the page to copy so they should be spelled correctly.


Book Club 5.2

Students will be given class time to complete each daily task. If a student does not complete the daily task they will be expected to finish it that day for homework.

If you will be absent, it is your responsibility to reach out to me to see what you missed in class.

~ AR ~

8 AR points are due each quarter.

Quarter 3 Ends 3/10

It is your responsibility to read for 20 minutes each night.