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What's Happening in Class?


Book Reports

8 AR points are required for
 each quarter.


Lesson 9
Classroom Spelling. 
Students are able to access their words on (sign in with Google) then go to the Classroom Spelling link from there. Each student will be given a list of 20 spelling words at the beginning of the week.  Throughout the week students are expected to work on online games and quizzes at home to prepare for the spelling test.

Test on Friday



Social Studies 

    On Tuesday, the students will be taking a quiz on chapter 7 and are allowed to use their group slides for help. They will also need to know the map of the colonies. This quiz will also include the vocabulary. Each student has their own Quizlet for those words. 

Mystery State: Quiz on Friday. Clues on Google Classroom. 

Planning Ahead- The annual 5th grade state fair will be on Wednesday, April 1 in the morning. The students have received information for their state boards which are due on March 25. At that time, students will be making class presentations of their boards for their classmates. 


  Space The Final Frontier
We are starting our unit on space.  We started with watching the History of Apollo missions.
This unit is one of fun and a lot of opportunity to see the greatness of God.