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What's Happening in Class?

September 16 - 20
Reading Class
We will continue our novel study with the classic tale The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White.  It is a tale about overcoming obstacles and the joy of music.   

Book Reports
First Quarter book report is due 
Friday, October 4

8 AR points are required for
 each quarter.


Unit 4
travel, wrote, farm, circle, whose, notice

Task 4 due Friday
Test Friday


Social Studies 

 Mystery State quiz on 9/20- clues on Google Classroom

This week we will begin chapter 2:  Native Americans in North America. 

This week- The people of the Pacific Northwest! 


We have started this new unit on Cells to Body Systems. We are having lots of fun reading how how cells work.  This week we will start putting together an interactive notebook on Cells and Body Systems to add to what we are reading. The goal is to spend some time using microscopes to look at different premade slides of different plants and animals.