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Homeroom Assignments

Ch. 6
Adding and Subtracting fractions.

Please expect that there may be Math Homework EVERY night. 

We have finished our unit on Dividing decimals and will begin Chap 6 on adding and subtracting fractions on Monday.


Taylor: We will continue our unit on nouns, focusing this week on determiners and possessives.

Wierenga: We will begin our unit on nouns.

Fast: We will continue our unit on nouns

Taylor:  We will continue writing opinion pieces on topics supporting a point of view with reasons and information. 

Wierenga: We will begin working on opinion writing  that will carry over to January 15.

We will complete our Paragraph on "The Best Present" and start work on opinion writing.


Unit 4
We will begin an exciting unit on Daniel and his time of exile in Babylon. Through our study, we will see evidence of God's sovereignty and power as well as his tender care and love for his people during their exile. 
Memory Verse

Taylor: Daniel 2:44 Test on Friday, Jan. 24. See verse on Google Classroom.

Wierenga: Daniel 2:44
See Google classroom for the verse. Due on Wed. January 22.

Fast:  Daniel 2:44 Test on Friday, Jan. 24.