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Homeroom Assignments

Ch 1 Test will be given Wednesday 9/18

Please expect Math Homework EVERY night. 


Taylor:We will be taking a break from grammar to focus on writing.

Wierenga: We are taking a break from grammar to focus on writing this week

Fast: We are continuing our look at prepositions..

Taylor:  Writer's Choice!  Students will be choosing an option from our Interactive Writing Center to complete.  

We are wrapping up our first "Paragraph of the Week" on a trip, this week.  

Wierenga:  "Paragraph of the Week" This coming week we will write about our favorite book character. 



Unit 2
God´s Covenant people

Taylor: Unit 2 test will be on Tuesday 9/24

Memory Verse

Quiz for Wierenga Homeroom on Tuesday, September 17: Jeremiah 31:33-34. See Google Classroom for a copy of the verse.