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Homeroom Assignments

We will begin the school year with a review of 4th grade concepts.  
Then, we will move on to Ch. 1
Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions

Please expect that there may be Math Homework EVERY night. 


Taylor: We will begin the year with a review of prepositional phrases.

Wierenga: adjectives

Fast: We are beginning our unit on adjectives this week.


Taylor:  We begin writing about our goals for this new 5th grade year.

Wierenga: Persuasive posters about the importance of recycling. 

We are starting our new writing unit on informative writing.
Our end goal is an essay on an inventor.

Unit 2
We will learn about God's plan to save His people from the consequences of their disobedience through covenants He made with Noah, Abraham, Israel, and David.

Memory Verse

Taylor: Jeremiah 31:33-34

Wierenga Memory Verse:  Romans 8:28 due on March 14. 

Fast: Memory Verse Test on Esther 4:14 will be on March 13.